With this Ring…

I try hard to maintain a live and let live attitude. As long as you’re not hurting anyone else, how you live is entirely up to you and it’s none of my business. That doesn’t mean I’m not secretly judging you, but at least I acknowledge that I have no business judging you and I’ll keep my opinion to myself. 

Every now and then, I just can’t help myself. Every now and then, something strikes me as so outrageous that I must judge, right out here in public. Such is the case with the 20 carat $2 million engagement ring that some overpaid professional basketball player I’ve never heard of has bestowed upon Kim Kardashian’s manicured finger. I can’t help but wonder – wouldn’t a $100k diamond suffice? 

It’s a display of excess that I can only categorize as obscene. Think of how many charities, how many homeless people, how many tornado devastated communities could be helped with $2 million. I know, I know, it’s none of my business how anyone spends his or her hard earned (?) dollars, but OMG this is such an enormous waste of money, isn’t it? 

Putting aside the diamond boulder for a moment, I sincerely wish Kim and her betrothed a happy life together, though I suspect that the probability of a successful marriage is in inverse proportion to the size of the ring on her finger.

22 thoughts on “With this Ring…

  1. We never know the “secret” lives of celebs and pro sporters. I too hope that they give secretly to the poor/hurting and that their giving is under the radar of the press. Oh, that the bling of a 20 carat ring is matched by a 20 carat heart!

  2. Leaving aside the ethics of the matter, how do you wear a $20 million diamond engagement ring on a day to day basis? Imagine what happens if you drop it down the drain while taking a bath in your supersized spa tub that I am sure you do not have to clean! If I were the plumber, I suspect I would ask to work on commission.

    • I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t fit down any size drain, but I completely agree with you on the practicality issue. Wouldn’t it get caught on everything while you’re trying to get dressed? Wouldn’t you smack yourself in the head while you put on your turbo-mascara? And, isn’t the darn thing awfully heavy?

  3. I agree on several counts. 1. A little private (and occasional public) judging is not a problem. 2. How ostentatious can someone get? There is something for a nice little gold band. 3. Oh, I do so hope they are using their millions for better things as well, although I expect with such a public couple we would hear about it.

  4. Thanks for a great laugh today. I always think of two things when I hear of these large rings for proposals…
    1) the jewellers must have a secret room to go into after and laugh and laugh before buying their next helicopter
    2) what the hell happens to all these rings when the marriage does not take place / ends quickly (not saying theirs will, just that many do) – do you think they are re-gifted?

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