Great Moments, Twitterfied*

* My apologies to those of you who have not yet been sucked into the Twitter vortex. 


TheAlmighty @noah #Flood coming. Build #ark. Make it big. Do it now.

Noah @thealmighty How big?

TheAlmighty @noah Big enough for 2 of every creature on earth. No time to waste.

Noah @thealmighty Got it. Do we have to invite the yaks? They smell soo bad.

TheAlmighty @noah ALL the animals.


HonestAbe @thesouth Can’t we all get along?

thesouth @honestabe only if we get to keep our #slaves.

HonestAbe @thesouth No can do.

thesouth @honestabe #civilwar bring it on.

HonestAbe @thesouth That’s enough. Emancipating #slaves right now.

UndergroundRR RT @thesouth That’s enough. Emancipating #slaves right now.


Geraldo #alcapone Tunneling thru underground vault. confidential sources tell us capone hid vast treasure here.

Geraldo #alcapone Still tunneling. Found broken bottle. Sure sign of bootlegging.

Geraldo #alcapone nothing yet, treasure sure to be around next corner.

Geraldo #alcapone still looking…

TVExec @Geraldo stupidest idea ever.


RNixon Watergate?

RNixon I’m not a crook #watergate. Pls. RT

RNixon  Resigning.



RandyJackson #americanidol He’s in it to win it!

StevenTyler #americanidol That was beautiful, man.

JLo #americanidol I’m way too pretty to be sitting between you 2 buffoons.

RSeacrest #americanidol Can’t believe how much money they pay me.


12 thoughts on “Great Moments, Twitterfied*

  1. To wit….I’m all a’twitter…your humor’s not bitter….but it sure is a hitter (grand slam of course!)
    P.S. What’s with Geraldo’s nose….did he have a Pinnochioectomy?

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