What’s Wrong with You?

WordPress kindly sent me a summary of my 2011 blogging achievements and my first reaction was, “What’s wrong with you people?!”  Sure, I’m happy I have readers and subscribers and grateful that I’ve made blogging friends who care enough to leave comments on my blog, but that does not outweigh the disturbing fact that most people found their way to my blog by searching the following terms (or some version thereof): Ronald McDonald, Snooki and the Sisyphus Corporation.

I take responsibility for exercising poor judgment in mentioning Ronald and Snooki on more than one occasion, but why are you all so interested in them? For goodness sake, Ronald is a mascot – he’s fictional!  And Snooki? Well, she’s arguably fictional as well.

As for the Sisyphus Corporation, while the myth of Sisyphus is fairly well-known (he’s the guy who must spend eternity pushing a boulder up a steep hill, only to have it roll back down and have to start the process all over again), the Sisyphus Corporation does not exist in fact or myth. I MADE IT UP!  I know the economy stinks, but were you seriously hoping to apply for a job opening at an imaginary company?

I smell desperation and it’s not pretty. What do you say we drag at least one foot out of the muck for 2012?  I hereby vow not to falsely raise hopes for those who are job-hunting by sarcastically making up fake job openings at non-existent companies. I also pledge that after this post, I will not mention Snooki or Ronald McDonald in my blog for the rest of the year, no matter how blog-worthy their behavior may become (I’m already regretting this one).

And you? The next time you have the urge to type something like “Kardashian” in your google search bar, take a deep breath and type “Mother Teresa” instead. Just do it, it’s good for you.

26 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with You?

  1. Reality and common sense went out the window when being politically correct became the fasion. Hang on to what you have, it’s good!

  2. Brilliantly witty and very amusing. It IS funny how some people find our blogs. What is even eerier is some of the people who comment and even subscribe. Very often I end up following theirs too but the other day someone who has VERY opposing views to everything I profess has actually decided to follow me. All I can think is, do they want to “convert” secretly OR are they out to try to covert me?!! We shall see……
    Love your post my dear blogger pal!

  3. My WordPress summary made me laugh. The good news is, most people who find my blog are actually searching for my name. The bad news is, the other top search term is “beaver kind”.

    Here’s to keeping things “interesting” in 2012. Happy New Year!

  4. Every weekend I make a point of reading blogs in freshly pressed or picking topics that interest me. When I find someone’s writing interesting, I sign up. I don’t even know who Snooki is…lol

  5. I’m impressed that you actually know how people find you — me, I haven’t a clue. And lately I’ve been found by some folks who, while they have interesting sites, I wouldn’t have found were it not for happenstance. Go figure.

    Word Press is always screwing with our minds.

  6. I find your muck delightful–so hang in there. I also appreciate your imagination, especially with the unique job opportunities. i think what amazes (dismays?) me the most was that people actually seek out Snooki. OMG.

    Happy New Year.

  7. I was drawn in by the title of this blog since it’s pretty much my mantra.

    Looking very forward to more Bigsheep blogs in 2012. Keep ’em coming. You take the words right out of our heads!

  8. Sorry, but Sisuphus, Inc. does exist. I believe is is owned by Jared Leto, actor and singer for 30 Seconds to Mars or by the band itself. Their videos name Sisyphus. You are probably seeingrequests from fans that want to work for the band. I believe they also own a company called Sisyphus Touring.

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