A Little Help Please …

Have you had the opportunity to do a good deed this week? If you haven’t, I’ve got one for you. If you have, I’ve still got one for you. It involves:


Here’s the deal. I live in the little town of Mount Airy, North Carolina, population 10,000. It’s located in a rural county in northwest NC with a sky high poverty rate. It’s best known as the real life inspiration for the town of Mayberry from The Andy Griffith Show. Andy Griffith was born and raised here. It’s got a little downtown main street straight out of 1950.

It’s also got a wonderful little library with plenty of heart and soul but very limited resources. Lucky for us, LEGO is running a contest for public libraries and the winning library gets $5,000. That means more books for those of us who love to read (have I mentioned that the nearest Barnes & Noble is a full hour away from here – ACK!).

This morning, our local newspaper pointed out that we were running neck in neck with a Houston, TX library and that the Houston newspaper had run a piece slamming our little town in an effort to get more votes for its own library. Shame on you, Houston newspaper, for being a bully.  Perhaps they’re embarrassed that a city with a population in excess of 2 million was trailing behind a tiny town of 10,000.

Here’s where you come in. If you love books and hate bullies, please go to http://readbuildplay.com/index.cfm and vote for Mount Airy. You DON’T need to register, give your email address or anything else. Just click on “Nominate Your Library,” then choose North Carolina, Mount Airy, and the Mount Airy Public Library. You can vote once a day until October 1st.

Not only will I be personally grateful for your support of our little library, but voting will also fulfill your weekly good deed quota (unless you vote for that Houston library, which would be like rooting for the bully to win).

THANK YOU, kind friends😀

50 thoughts on “A Little Help Please …

  1. Well, I feel a little embarrassed that my city is behaving like that. And, I am feeling just guilty enough to visit your link and vote for Mount Airy. No, change that…I will vote for it because it’s Lisa’s library and in memory of Andy.

    • Hi Mrs. Sullins, I went to the high school where you taught for many years. I can assure you that one newspaper writer doesn’t represent our community, mixed in race and economic means. Happy for you to vote for a community where (apparently) you can support a friend but I am disgusted by the turn this “contest” has taken.

  2. Voted this morning and will vote every day as requested. No one should have to live without the joy that can be found within the covers of a book.

    • Thanks, Jyll! Remember the old West Orange library from decades ago, before they built that addition? Well, that was palatial compared to our little Mount Airy library, though they manage to do a lot with what they have. Thanks again😀

  3. One more vote for today and hopefully one each day until Oct 1. Hopefully my senior mind won’t wander from the mission! Good luck!

  4. Nobody likes a bully…of any kind. I tried to vote but for some reason it doesn’t activate. It could be because I am in a different country. I will try agai later just in case. In the mean time I posted to my facebook and twitter accounts to get more votes. I probably have more Americans on them than Canadians so hopefully they can vote. Let us know how your little library makes out.

  5. Hadn’t seen that Heights Library article (it is a little snippy- but writing humor is difficult – and it wasn’t written by the librarian.) but did see the much larger article on Legos KidsFest in Austin.TX next week.

    Heights isn’t really Houston.

    The Heights is like it’s own little small town surrounded by the mega-city. It’s one of the oldest areas of Houston – built to house early RR people, then fell on hard times – but rebuilding. Heights residents (usually young) love their area, rebuild old houses and scramble and fight for funding to make it a better place.

    The rest of Houston could care less about helping Heights – much less a library. (books? Who needs those? Read? why? Are they in Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese? Urdu?)

    Houston city libraries have suffered extreme budget cuts and layoffs, and offer much reduced hours/ closed now on weekends – probably similar to yours.

    But Mount Airy probably still feels kids gain a lot from books, so if people will stop thinking Houston is “rolling in oil money” (it isn’t, folks – not since the 70’s.), I’ll vote for yours.

    You guys are isolated. People here have options and potential for raising money.

    Hope fall brings good news to Mount Airy!
    Keep reminding us like Rumpy Dog did for that contest!
    (How I hate those scrambled letter thingies when you vote)

  6. I think name calling is bullying, personally. You should be ashamed of your response. Also, while the Heights library may be in a nice neighborhood it serves a very needy population and has fallen victim to the budget cuts we are all feeling. As a side note, there are plenty of low income neighborhoods in Houston (you might call them ghettos) where the libraries struggle. Big cities have issues with poverty. I thought this was a well known fact but maybe not to the readers of this blog…

  7. The library your competing against is not the central library for the city. It is a library in a small town (the Heights) annexed into the city decades ago.

    So, the comparison between our main street and your main street is likely more similar than you imagine. Ours has many empty shops and hard working local business people.

    I know it is tempting to make this big city vs. small town, but if you knew the truth, you would see more similarities. Plus, we do not get all that much from the city. Our pot is split with hundreds of branches. It is a big place with a small pot to split; that makes our branch equally needy.

    Your library (I’ve seen pictures) is much bigger and nicer. Ours is small and serves both very poor and middle class areas of town. Our library cut their hours and days of availability recently due to funding.

    Don’t make the mistake of thinking our whole city funds this one small library; yours is much bigger.

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