Things I’d Rather Watch

Unless you happen to be among the hundreds of thousands without power along the Gulf Coast, you probably noticed that the Republican National Convention is in full swing. Next week, it will be the Democratic National Convention. Before, during, after and in between, there is the usual non-stop blathering about the conventions and all things political. In my opinion, the conventions are just expensive infomercials that are longer and even more annoying than all the campaign ads we’re already being inundated with. Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, are you as sick of all of this as I am?

Personally, I’ve made up my mind and I suspect most of you have as well.  If you choose to watch one convention or the other (or, in rare cases, both), you’re probably either a member of the blathering media or you’re looking for more reasons to bolster your decision. If you’re one of the 7 people in the country who is still truly on the fence, I suspect the debates will offer you a much better basis upon which to make up your mind.

For now, here are some things I’d rather watch instead of the conventions:

  1. Spongebob Squarepants, whose laugh could be used for “enhanced interrogation” purposes.
  2. Toddlers & Tiaras, which never fails to make me want to grab the phone and call Child Protective Services.
  3. An endless loop of car dealership commercials, guaranteed to feature people unnecessarily yelling their message at you.
  4. An endless loop of those ridiculous Cialis commercials, which begin with fake looking middle-aged couples pretending to still be smitten with each other, and end with them parked in two separate bathtubs.
  5. Old episodes of Fear Factor, the single most disgusting series ever on TV.

How about you? Conventions or __________?

23 thoughts on “Things I’d Rather Watch

  1. “pretending to still be smitten with each other” – ouch! So cynical for one still so young.

    Since I like to watch ALL of the above, it’s a tough choice. Let me get back to you after next week’s convention.

  2. Any of those mind numbing shows my daughter loves, “The Jonas Brothers” (which is canceled now thank god and she hasn’t discovered “married to a jonas yet”), Wizards of Waverly Place (another canceled but still being run show) The stupid kings show I dont even know the name, where the two boys are brothers and are kings of this island somewhere… Pretty much anything on Disney or Nick.. lol

  3. I’d rather watch a reality show than the Convention. Oh wait, I’d rather die than watch reality TV which isn’t really reality at all!

    I’m with you on your choices, too. Hate them all. Why DO they shout at you in car commercials? Or dance? If they’re not shouting they are dancing (and singing loudly). STOP!

    And what is with the two bathtubs in the Cialis ads. What the hell do you need performance enhancing drugs if you are in two separate damn bathtubs. Only Todd Akin would think that would work.

  4. I recorded a bunch of shows the past few weeks in case I needed a TV fix – and picked up a load of library books….but after reading this I’m going to try and locate some of those Yogi Bears shows or Rocky and Bullwinkle with Natasha and Boris with a dash of Fractured Fairy Tales…Something intelligent to watch.

  5. The worse program on the air…”American Hoggers”. Where they make it OK for men to be mentally and physically abusive to women. Hate that show with a passion but would still rather watch it than a political convention of any kind.

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