Say What?

Cute, but carnivorous

People do a lot of stupid things, including trying to smuggle exotic animals through airports, usually in their luggage.  That’s nothing new. Still, this little news item caught my eye this morning: “ Travelers arrested after hiding small primates in underwear at Delhi airport.”

According to the article, “Security guards at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport noticed a bulge in [the men’s] underwear during a frisk and uncovered [the lorises, which are] nocturnal, carnivorous primates…”

Just how stupid do you have to be to put CARNIVOROUS wild animals in your pants? (Fortunately, no injuries were reported and the lorises are doing okay, though they will likely require years of psychotherapy.)

On an unrelated note, I also shook my head this morning when I heard this commercial on the radio: “If you’ve been trying to get pregnant without success, you’re not alone…” Of course, if you are trying to get pregnant all alone, that would explain the lack of success. (Tip to advertisers: hire real writers!)

35 thoughts on “Say What?

  1. That’s almost as good as the signs at the airport that announce a person cannot carry on with them any lawn mowing/landscaping equipment such as hedge trimmers and chain saws. I always wonder why someone would try to bring something like that on an airplane….

  2. You know, Lisa, I’m getting older. The only thing that wants to get into my pants these days are carnivores …

    (I have just made certain that I can never be elected to public office.)

  3. Okay, I was curious enough to look this one up. Lorises are small – about the size of chipmunks, so they could fit down your pants pretty easily. But that also means they are small enough maybe to crawl into a crevice?
    And if they were babies – that’s even worse, because, to protect them, their mothers cover them with a midly poisonous saliva.
    That would be a pretty difficult rash to explain.

  4. “security guards noticed a bulge in the men’s underwear”..I take it these bulges were such that they excited the attention of the average observer? Suddenly I feel much more sympathy with the TSA than recent experiences encouraged me to feel.

  5. Now that I’m so keenly aware that you’re from Mt. Airy, this makes me wonder how Sheriff Andy would have reacted to such a bizarre story. Perhaps even he had his own bizarre stories that never made it to prime time.
    Whether our first responders/security work at an airport or Mayberry, bless them for taking care of the situation.

  6. I saw this story! So hard to believe. How would he sit in those cramped plane seats without killing the animal? Where the animals drugged? What if it suddenly woke up? Oh, there’s a sitcom episode there.
    It’s like the guy smuggling in cocaine in a cooked chicken – so he would have money to start a business.
    Crazy stories out there – for real.
    Funny post

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