How Did You Sleep Last Night?

... a dash of stupidity and 30 cc's of gullibility ...

… a dash of stupidity and 30 cc’s of gullibility …

In a ground-breaking new study, Swedish researchers have reached this startling conclusion:

“A new study finds that sleep deprivation affects facial features such as the eyes, mouth and skin, and these features function as cues of sleep loss to other people. Results show that the faces of sleep-deprived individuals were perceived as having more hanging eyelids, redder eyes, more swollen eyes and darker circles under the eyes. Sleep deprivation also was associated with paler skin, more wrinkles or fine lines, and more droopy corners of the mouth. People also looked sadder when sleep-deprived than after normal sleep, and sadness was related to looking fatigued.”

I’m no scientist, but my layman’s understanding of this information is that tired people look tired and other people can see that they look tired.

Thank you, Swedish researchers. I anxiously await the results of your follow-up study, “To what extent can scientists dupe others into funding scientific studies designed to prove the painfully obvious?



38 thoughts on “How Did You Sleep Last Night?

  1. I was hoping for some startling scientific insight, but it is confusing to note how scientists get grants to say the totally bloody obvious. There was an intriguing study done recently on whether or not is you kept cutting off rats’ tails they would evolve to not having them at birth. Given circumscision I think we can positively deduce that won’t happen.

  2. Wow. After reading that, I think I could be a researcher, if all it takes is common sense. I mean, I know we’re lacking in common sense these days, so I’d have a chance at being hired, but I’m also real good at acting like I’m not telling you something you already know.
    *head desk*

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