Homes of the Rich and Feathered

Despite all the harsh criticism we dole out around our breakfast table concerning our small town newspaper, occasionally I actually learn something from reading it. An article in this morning’s paper had me so curious I went straight to the web for further research, only to discover that I have been totally unaware of a burgeoning national trend. 

I’m sure your community hosts various tours of homes to raise money for local charities. Often there are tours of historic homes or homes decked out for Christmas. It’s a great opportunity to get inside houses you can normally only gawk at from the outside. Some communities also have garden tours, allowing you a glimpse into the sort of gardening perfection that most of us will never achieve. 

And now, friends, there is something new and exciting in the world of community tours. Backyard chicken coop tours — Tour D’Coop,  Tour de Coops, Tour de Cluck. (Go ahead, read it again if you need to.) Along with efforts to be greener, to promote sustainable everything and to recycle as much as possible, lots of folks are now raising chickens so they can enjoy fresh eggs. Rural Americans have been doing this forever, of course, but now suburbanites and urbanites have discovered the joys of chicken ownership. 

A quick online search turned up Tours de Coop in Raleigh,Phoenix,Portland,Boise, and several other places around the country. One tour even describes itself as a way to “indulge your backyard poultry fantasies.” Pretty funny, or maybe just disturbing, I’m not sure which.  

Imagine the preparations that must be underway for these tours. Chickens busily cleaning and decorating their coops, fluffing their feathers, and laying special souvenir eggs for visitors. From urban chicken dwellings to suburban coop condos, there is something for everyone. I can’t wait to order tickets and see for myself.  What does one wear to a Tour de Coop, I wonder?