The Power of Waiting

Reading this post just might save you some money or get you something for nothing.

My husband and I graduated from the same college, way back in the Paleolithic Era. Each year, we have been dutiful alumni, responding to the college’s annual fund drive by sending in a small check. This year, however, with our son off to college, we are sending all spare change to a different institution and I couldn’t for the life of me come up with a good reason to send any more money to our alma mater. Undeterred by our apparent contribution snub, we’ve received numerous phone calls from perky students and the college has sent letters and emails detailing the importance of each and every contribution. We’ve ignored them all.  Yesterday they tried a new tactic, sending us a baseball cap with the school name on the front and “proud alumni” stitched on the back (along with a convenient return envelope for our belated contribution). Something for nothing.

Several weeks ago, I created some business cards on Vistaprint, but I didn’t order them right away. I went back and forth, tweaking and deciding exactly what I wanted. Had I ordered them immediately, I would’ve paid about $20, plus shipping. But, since I waited, Vistaprint kept sending me discount emails, until finally I only had to pay for shipping. Money saved: $20.

For weeks I’ve been trying to decide on window treatments for two sets of French doors we have in our kitchen. The stakes are high because window treatments are expensive and if you order a custom size, they can’t be returned. I made the rounds searching online and ordered swatches and samples from several different companies, but I still can’t decide. Indecision seems to be working in my favor. For every week that goes by without ordering, these companies send me more and more discount offers. I’m catching on. Waiting is good.

You’re probably wondering if we caved and sent a check to our alma mater. Well, last night as my husband walked through the living room wearing the new alumni cap, he said, “I’m going to wait until they send us a BMW.”